Selling (Wo)Manhood: Samsung

The way that people talk about gender make it sound like it's purely biological and immutable.  Boys and men are aggressive, driven by their biological urges, and competitive; girls and women are passive, reserved, and gentle.  What this idea misses is that gender is a social construction that has changed over time, and is shaped by many different forces.  One of those forces is from billions of dollars in advertising.

Here's an ad so bad, that even they realized it was awful and took it down.  The script and acting are awkward, but that's not my main concern.  It's the blatant sexism.  There's one woman (a mom) and two men.  The woman is technically illiterate, and just uses her computer for kids and cooking.  The men are tech savvy, one is Asian and into games, and the other is White, and uses his computer for business.  Give it a(n awkward) watch.

Credit to The Loop and Fast Feed for posting about this and bringing it to my attention (original links below).